Misc Good Stuffs

I've been all over the place with how busy my schedule has gotten. So, here's a crazy variety of good stuffs.

First, Mom got a headshot. She isn't wearing makeup, and I had to bribe her with offering to vacuum to get these because of the aforementioned lack of makeup. It had snowed recently, and the light from the window was so flawless that I needed to shoot.

Next, Lane is starting a blog, and we've been taking extra pictures lately for blog filler. Her blog can be found here.

Last, I threw together some selfies on my day off last week.

I am quite fond of these because of where they were shot and what I was wearing. They were shot with me standing in the guest room in between a bed and the window (pictured below), and I was wearing a cut up piece of a skirt lining that I draped around me and tucked into my skirt.

What a DIY win :)