Self Portraits

Today, I had a day without much planned, and thus, I ended up in the back yard and dining room taking photos. You know the drill.

I'd like to start out with a before and after. I like to reinforce that the editing I do is purely to stylize the image rather than alter the person. I did give myself a little hair fluff on the left, but if posed and styled correctly the editing need not go further than that.

Here we have the set I took in my dining room. This is of the actual space I shot in. I hung out in the doorway and the camera was on a tripod outside.

Emily Wilson Photography behind the camera

I got really creative and actually shut the door.

Emily Wilson Photography Self Portrait Mextures

Lastly, I took a step outside, and I used the reflective door as a backdrop.

Edit: here are some more from about a week later. Why make a new blog post when this is consistent with the theme with the last one? I made a flower beard with my hair and curled my many fly-aways. The result was so pleasing.

Here's another quick example of editing. This was done differently from anything I've done before just with the way I went about it with the painterly effect.

The first thing I always do is to fix the distortion if it's a really close close up. The lens I use adds a lot of distortion, and it is really unflattering. This is why the unedited version looks like it has been punched inwards. Because the first thing I did was fix the distortion. From there it's clear to see how I edited it.