Contemporary Portrait Sessions


Emily Wilson Photography Phoenix Arizona


Experience the best version of yourself. Through selective editing, guided posing, and precise attentiveness to detail we are able to enhance and portray those attributes within yourself you've always wanted others to admire.

Emily Wilson Photography Phoenix Arizona


Within every woman is a confident muse ready to emerge. Allow yourself to release your barriers and encapsulate this rendering through a session that is equally unforgettable and empowering.

Emily Wilson Photography Phoenix Arizona

personal branding

In contradiction to the belief that all head shots must be against a backdrop, similar in fashion to that of a yearbook photo, we prefer to capture the moment at which you look your best; on location, using a fine art creative approach to the norm. 

The Portrait Session


The full experience for yourself or to share.

This is for you when you reach a milestone anniversary, a birthday, or simply a moment in your life that you can't bear to forget.


The Boudoir Session


Love yourself.

There is nothing more luxurious than a boudoir session when you need a day to escape reality and a reminder that you're not defined by your favorite pair of hole-y sweats.


Head Shots


Brand your business; update your online presence.


The Magic


See the art behind the portrait.


Value Yourself


Exist in photos for yourself and for your family.



Commissions begin at $400.

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