How I took my selfie

Today, it was a lazy day. Below is the final product, but when I was taking pictures today I was sure there were no good shots. I'm about ready to upgrade to a full frame camera because I'm exhausted with how far away the camera must be to take a half/full body shot with a 50mm.

My before picture I was hanging out next to my large glass doors in my room. I knew there was good light, but I was having trouble with posing myself and working with my hair (no styling, no makeup). I also did not bring my tripod, and I was trying to find a decent place/way to Macgyver the camera and still be able to use my remote.

The first image is before processing, the second is after, and the third is the fun edit I did on the Mextures app.

Emily Wilson Photography

Lastly, I have for you some outtakes. I usually don't show these, but I think they add a nice contrast to the final image.


Again, those are just for making-of reference. This was such a struggle, but I'm glad I didn't give up. That final image is exactly what I wanted.