Portraits in Rome

For the last couple of weeks whenever I go out and have my camera all my friends get new profile pictures.

Here are my favorite images from the last couple weeks.

Emily Wilson Photography Rome

Yesterday, Rachel and I were walking around in the rain, and we ran into this lovely unguarded entry way. So, naturally we hopped in for a couple minutes to take pictures.

A few minutes later we were shooed out, but luckily, there are many more entry ways like this one.

Emily Wilson Photography portrait rome

And below you see another entryway we found similar to the first. They're really everywhere. It's a popular architectural choice around here.

Emily Wilson Photography rome portrait

I am currently working to start a photography club at John Cabot, and last week was our first outting to take pictures.

Apart from having some wonky setting make the first half of my images useless I still managed to snag a couple good ones.

Unfortunately, people don't like having their picture taken without consent. So, as far as my random people photography goes we will have to settle for back-of-the-head and far away shots.


The next two are a couple friends, and we were walking around shopping in Rome when I found this lovely court yard.

Emily Wilson Photography