Summer Self Portraits

I've recently been commissioned to do a set of self portrait photographs wearing makeup from Just For Redheads. Now, I am not a redhead. I have had red dyed hair before, but it's quite a hassle to keep up. My solution - retouch it red. 

I've decided that for the time being I will be always making my hair red in post to keep things cohesive on my social media and to see how long I can get away with this lil lie.


I've made a choice to set this crop ratio for this set to be 16:9. This is cool and all, but I'm still figuring out how to display it on my website.

I have so many more images to share. I realized that I wasn't going to share until they're all done and edited and thats NEVER going to happen. So, I'm postin what I got.


Self Portraits

I am so happy with these. 

I've been playing with the afternoon light that floods into my "studio". What an exciting change this has been. I work in a relatively small room, and to find any sort of new variation from my normal posing/lighting habits is the name of the game. 

ALSO! I've been training for a race later this month in France. I think the creativity flows more freely when I'm all hopped up on post workout endorphins.


The other new things I did during this shoot were:
 - play Rap (very atypical for me)
 - straighten the upper half of my hair with particular emphasis on the face framing layers. 
 - shooting during time traditionally reserved for naps (2 - 4 pm)

Below is a separate, more dramatic, attempt at mastering this same intense light.

This is the only light I want to explore.