Compositing Me

Today, I had extra time to do with what I wanted. I have been interested in compositing images lately because I love Photoshop. Two images ended up working out well, and I will show the two images I used to make each one.


The above image was taken on (and in front of) my mom's cedar chest. The lighting in there was so perfect. I just had to add in the mini me and introduce some shadows.


The image below was the same scenario. The big white circle behind me is there so that I could more easily select my body in Photoshop and discard the rest of that image. Also, since I am crafty, that is an unused canvas behind my feet. Just another way to make my selection easier in editing.


I was inspired by my former obsession with Harry Potter. It filled my youth, and for the first time in a few years I picked up the 7th one again yesterday. What a great series. 

Finally, we have my one in the bathroom. I love the light in my bathroom, but it is very small. What to do? Shrink myself down. Obviously.


For now that's all she wrote. Although, if I get some love in the comments section I may so ahead and make some more...