I began this year with a much needed solo vacation to the Airbnb I decided was the most photogenic (for a reasonable price) in Arizona. This happened to be in Tucson. So be it. 

I stayed for two nights and fully intended to shoot that whole time. I ended up shooting for the first night and morning and then resigning to journaling so many thoughts that were dying to be sorted out. So, while I did not take as many photos as I had planned to, I certainly had a successful trip nonetheless.

My primary objective was to attempt a Brenizer Method portrait which was a success, but is certainly the most annoying thing I put together in photoshop in the last six months. Going into it next time I will take my shots a little better.

Photo Jan 02, 6 18 59 AM.jpg

Not an impressively large pile of shots, but I'm thrilled with how it went. I've been a different person since I've returned!