A Glut of Selfies

I get incredibly itchy if I don't get the chance to take portraits at least once a week. Therefore, once I said adieu to my houseguests that (combined) were here for about a month, I hit the ground running back into my favorite compulsion.

I have currently replaced my bedroom curtains with sheers, and in that set-up, took the above image. I don't often shoot with intention (what a bad artist I am), but this time I knew exactly what I wanted out of this piece. I'm excited to print and hang it.

The next shoot I did was back on my balcony. I pulled out every blush colored bit of lace I own (which is actually quite a lot) and told myself that I would only be done once I shot every piece in one way or another. 

Finally, I've got this beautiful, inspiring light in my bedroom from the sheer curtains, and each day I sit down to take one or two shots for the hell of it. 

I'm working, specifically, on expanding my creativity. I know I can take a portrait, but can I make it art? I'm still working on figuring out exactly how I want that to manifest, but below (as well as the first image in this post) are my first stabs. We'll see where I go from here...

For real, finally, we have a high speed retouching video because I need you all to see the nonsense tan lines I've been dealing with. This is the most tan I've probably been in my whole life, and I'm actually quite proud of it.

Whew! I hope you enjoyed all that. It really has been a lot of self portraits. I love to practice my craft this way.