October Round Up

This month was one of the best I have had. This isn't necessarily just in my own photography but in all the little facets of my life. I am now being paid more regularly for modeling and retouching on top of photography. I've developed new working relationships and strengthened most every other relationship I have. My household cat is starting to fear the dogs less. I am getting more free coffees. Every little piece of my life has been stepping up.

...which leads me comfortably into the month of Thanksgiving. This month I am focusing on gratitude where before I might have focused on a continued obsession with gaining more money, followers, increased production. I am going into the holiday season with more comfort and joy and appreciation for what I have and taking a moment to appreciate the fruit of my labors. I am continuing to work hard, but I am focusing on keeping gratitude for what I have rather than the lack from things I want.