This week I came across a photographer from Montana who was in Phoenix for work. We met up and photographed each other in Scottsdale around Old Town.

At one point (the point from the above set) he was photographing me in another part of the tree, and I found his stance so comical (the foot linked below the branch and leaning out to the side) that I had to photograph him there.

He was totally out of his element because if you check out his work (@mikeygraef) you will see that he does a lot of moody/dark/landscape type images. Those kinds of landscapes are commonplace up north, but when you come to Phoenix you better prepare for some sunny desert stuff.

It worked out well, though, because as much as he was out of his element trying to shoot urban desert I was out of my element shooting a male. I do photograph men occasionally, but it's not a particular skill of mine.


I'll let you guys know where to find his shots of me when he gets those worked on.