Cleo & Clementine

For the first time ever I took self portraits outside of my comfort zone of my home or yard. The location/dressmaker I worked with is Cleo & Clementine. They were awarded by Phoenix New Times for Best New Boutique in 2013 and Monique was awarded Best Dressmaker in 2016.

I also had the pleasure to work with Stephanie of SN Makeup again. She worked with me on a boudoir shoot last fall. 

The first dress was the only fully constructed dress I wore. The other two were built on me around a white basic skirt. 

click to check out their instagram

click to check out their instagram

The girls were so gracious. They made the skirt in this final image for the shoot and then gifted it to me. I can't wait to take more selfies in it. 

Truly, an amazing experience.