OK, this has been a crazy week.

For starters, I held a contest for a free headshot on Instagram. This is the lovely Rachel, and she won. SO, she and I went around Downtown Chandler this past weekend and did her headshot shoot. The following are the three photos she chose as her prize.

I think she looks kind of like Selena Gomez in that one with the green foliage.

The other interesting occurrence was yesterday. I was at Peixoto drinking my morning coffee and about to head home so I could go to Sedona for a day trip when all of a sudden I get a panicked message from a friend. His boss needed a headshot for a magazine, and he needed it by 6pm (it was noon, mind you). I told him I could do it if we made it super quick, and that is how the following headshot was taken at Peixoto.

Headshot Phoenix Arizona Portrait Photographer

Today, I am taking a breather. I showed Rachel her pictures this morning and she picked her 3, and now I'm having a relaxing lunch with my business partner and planning my weekend trip.