Boudoir iPhoneography

I photographed my business partner, Nicole's, boudoir session to celebrate her 24th birthday. To put a fun twist on it (and to verify what I already believed to be possible) I used my iPhone 6 rather than my pro gear. This is the second time I have done this (see the other iPhone shoot). The only photography tool I used was the cell phone. There weren't reflectors or flashes or assistants. Simplicity is my favorite.

I need to have her send me a photo of her room to share with you. A dark futon is on the left half, a light mattress on the right half, and mountains of clothes as far as the eye can see. By shifting the mountains and utilizing my mad Photoshop skills we got a final product of a darn clean looking room.

These are not the first boudoir photos I've taken, but these are the first that I have been given permission to share. Maybe someday I'll get to share boudoir photos taken on my real photography gear.