Various Self Portraits

Emily Wilson Photography Self Portrait
Emily Wilson Photography Self Portrait

Today and yesterday I have had some unexpected free time to do what I haven't been able to do in a few weeks....take pictures. So, between my sister's apartment and my parents' house I have found all the good light and made all the mess.






I learned how to shoot a proper back lit image a long time ago, and I have the 8 ft. styrofoam boards (used as reflectors) to show for it. I just never actually had a chance to give them a go. Gotta say...I'm sold.






The funny thing is this is the same set up as the back lit images above, but I removed the reflectors and (clearly) edited them differently.








This last set was shot yesterday at my sister's place. The only problem I have is that none of the full-length shots turned out right. I'm currently blind in one eye and being so far from the camera is not an option.

One can never have too many head shots!