The girl with one earring...

So! I bought a new dress!

It was $17 at Forever 21. I don't even care if I never wear it because it was a steal.

It has already been of some value, however (see one of the images below). I also shot in the faithful red skirt. That skirt better live as long as I do. I can't imagine life without it.

All these images are finished off with my favorite textures courtesy of Mextures. I'm even featured on their site if you click the link and scroll down :)

Another little interesting tidbit about my appearance: you'll notice every picture depicts only my left side...This is for two reasons. If you know me, you know I'm terrifyingly asymmetrical (maybe an exaggeration) and never photograph my right side. Also, I happened to only find one earring. C'est la vie.

If anyone reading this has the Mextures App or wants to start using it I'm sharing the above formula code (JMTNRLN) for one of the formulas I used in the making of these images.

Aaaand for those of you in Phoenix, I'll be doing a live shoot at Alis Fashion Design in Scottsdale this Thursday at 6pm. Please come if you want to see me go through a lovely live shoot using a light source that is, unfortunately, not the sun.