Story Time

The other day I was in a rut. I knew I wanted to take photos. I didn't know what - in this infinite universe of options - to take photos of. I reached out to Facebook and still lacked inspiration.

Then, I clicked to one of my favorite artist's pages...

This is a small sampling of Charmaine Olivia's series of silhouettes:

I've always admired this series, and I thought it was already quite similar to the back lit images that I've been doing lately.

So, I gave it a stab. 

This is what one of them looked like Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC).


I did a full behind-the-scenes of the photoshoot and editing on Periscope (@ejw211) and plan to do that in the future as well.

Below we have the final two images...

I've been asked before about my silhouette/double exposure work for portrait clients. Specifically, for a gallery of silhouettes of their children (which I think would be darling). I think it's a very classic, personal, heirloom type image. With that in mind, I am definitely going to be shooting this more for client work.