Colleen 3/3

We have reached the end of the 3 part series that was this amazing photo shoot. 

We had decided to wrap up the shoot since we had done all of the poses and outfits. As we all got up to put things away someone mentioned something about how we never got a photo in her husband's button down. 

Off to the kitchen!

Then, we were all like, okay, really, this time we're done. 

But I remembered that her dogs were shut in the office, and I've been dying to photograph them...

Her reaction to these images in particular were very touching. There's nothing quite like a relationship with your fur babies, and I'm so glad I could be a part of capturing that for her.

This post wouldn't have existed if we had just ended the photo shoot when we thought we were done. I'm so glad we kept going!

Styling by Natalie Melchiorre.

Hair & Makeup by Stephanie Neiheisel.