Photo Club begins again

School started this week, and you know what that club. School be darned let's wander Rome with our cameras like tourists and take pictures of each other and lie in the road.

Emily Wilson Photography Krystal G. Photography

This first one is Krystal. She's the first person I've photographed who was happy to pose herself.

2 emily wilson photography.jpg

This is Alina who is fascinatingly diverse by all the languages she knows and countries she's lived in. She told me she wasn't photogenic. Clearly she's crazy.

Emily Wilson Photography

Here's Francesco who is maybe a familiar face. If you can see his face under his new hipster hair/beard. He's still a pro. What can I say?

Emily Wilson Photography

Aaand this is Owen. After I took these shots I forgot that he wasn't actually hardcore, and he started laughing and joking again, and it threw me off. He's really a character, and a decent actor since he fell so easily into this role.

All in all, I just really loved photographing all of these guys. I think having photos taken of me gave me a lot of insight into how to take photos of other people. Plus, apparently all photographers at JCU are extraordinarily attractive.