Self portraits

I took portraits of myself when I got home in May, and now I'm doing it again right before I head back to school in Italy. So, I put some curlers in my hair and grabbed my favorite clothes and went into my parents' back yard.

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Emily Wilson Photography self portraits

If you'll notice these are all the same shirt. I got bored with it so I draped it around my neck and tucked it into my skirt. Non-conventional, but I soo wish I had a shirt like this.

Emily Wilson Photography
Emily Wilson Photography Before and After

I like to make sure you all see before and afters of my work. I am not trying to change who a person is with Photoshop. I just am enhancing and cleaning things up. With this above image there were a ton of hairs in the wrong spot, and I fixed up the lighting.

I read articles about the deception of image editing, but I believe there is a time and a place for it. I am trying to make art, and the idea behind my editing and is cleaning, simplifying, and enhancing colors and features.