Windy day in Rome

I'm currently working on a series that I hope to finish by the end of this summer (God willing) when I'm back in the states. I'm working on hammering out details which will come later, but they're more fine art portraiture. Self portraiture to be specific.

This is the one I made this month for the series in my apartment living room in Rome.

Windy day in Rome

Windy day in Rome

Here is another picture I got from making this composite. I'm actually a bit partial to this one, but the other fits into the theme for the series. So now we have both :)

Emily Wilson photography Self portrait in Rome

And OF COURSE the Putting the Pieces Together image. Probably my favorite part...

Emily Wilson Photography putting the pieces together

I also made another image in my living room. This is not part of the series that I am working on, but it was my first attempt at the "levitation" concept in composite photography.

Emily Wilson Photography Rome Apartment

The putting the pieces together....

putting the pieces together

putting the pieces together

and finally, we have the most awkward and lazy looking before picture you have ever seen.

Emily Wilson Photography hilarious before

So, there's my little update for the day. Hope you're enjoying my composites as much as I am!