This weekend some friends and I flew to Barcelona for a few days.

It is incredibly different from Rome even though it's right over the water. Whereas Rome has very few chain restaurants/stores (zero Starbucks, but an occasional McDonald's), Barcelona has as many chains as non chains. The people are also quite diverse in Barcelona. Rome has a very homogenous population, and anyone who doesn't have dark hair, olive skin, and partakes in their unspoken dress code is immediately suspect to be foreign.

Luckily, against what everyone told me, Spanish was quite common as a spoken language. Also, the weather was beyond ideal. So, that was fantastic.

Be sure to follow my instagram: @ejw211

Be sure to follow my instagram: @ejw211

As per usual I did my photographer thing, and I took portraits of my friends in their hotel lobby.

emily wilson photography Katie Barcelona.jpg
Emily Wilson Photography Olivia Barcelona
emily wilson photography Sarah Barcelona.jpg

Those were so easy to take! We had two people googling directions to the Pablo Picasso museum, and I would just snag one at a time for a couple minutes.

And because they're probably my favorite things to look at and study...Here are a few befores and afters.

Double click on the image to see a couple more.


Hope you enjoyed this little set as much as I did!