Marrakech, Morocco

This Thanksgiving weekend I went to Morocco with my roommate, Ashley. This was easily the best trip of my life. Incredibly healthy and perfectly spiced food, beautiful and colorful architecture, and exotic animals. Sometimes I don't think words will ever do it justice.

Emily Wilson Photography  portrait photography

This first little jaunt through my trip includes my pictures from Jardin Majorelle. This is the location where Yves Saint Laurent has his ashes scattered. Rightly so since this is the most colorful, jungle-like, Moroccan garden I could even try to imagine.

Ashley equated the pictures from this location with Hawaii jokingly saying that she could trick her friends and family into thinking she's back in Oahu. Not that I've ever been to Hawaii, but it seems like it just might be the same thing.

Emily Wilson Photography Morocco Africa travel photography portrait hawaii (30).jpg

It was actually raining the whole time we were at Jardin Majorelle. I wouldn't have it any other way, though. The rain just made everything better! Now we shall go through all the other photos! I am most excited by the above ones. So, make sure you've soaked those in already.

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