New apartment

Last week I moved in with my sister and her roommate in Urbana. I've done a shoot with Lane and Tori in the apartment before and it went well. Even though it's not a huge space to work with the windows let in some really great light. 

First off we have a fun little Before and After of sorts.  

I took the pictures of Lane while I was outside on the balcony. The lines on the sides of the images are the wall and the edge of the sliding door.


Although the right image was taken about an hour later, with my iPhone, and sans pose there isn't much else that is different with these images. Just a few camera/Photoshop tricks and a good camera, and we can pretend that we are in a much more luxurious space.

Next, we have the other favorites I got from that space.  

If you've ever heard of Sue Bryce then you might see some of her influence here.


The last picture above I love. Except that unfortunate line. It's not even really fixable which frustrates me because I hardly ever have to admit defeat when it comes to image manipulation. If I remove the line it's problematic because the color above and below are actually quite different.

I still think it's fantastic. I don't usually shoot through glass, and I was worried that you would be able to see the other apartments behind me in the reflection. 

Last, would it really be a blog post by me if I didn't include one of my traditional before and afters? 


I had a few new things to edit this time. She's wearing false lashes (because I got some in my ipsy this month), and they weren't applied properly. So, they go up on the inside corners. It gives her a sort of worried look. Painted over that to fix it. Painting is my last resort. I like to manipulate images with content currently in them. Like with the nail polish I just added polish from the unchipped nails.  Also, with skin I take texture and color from near the blemishes/discoloration to fix them. However, worst case scenario I will find a color I like and draw on the image to get whatever I need.