The History of Emily

I will begin this post with an enticing picture of Nina the Siamese cat...


However, the main topic we will be discussing today is HOLY COW my photography has changed SO MUCH since I began.
I started out being interested in photography because of social media. I wanted the perfect profile picture at all times, and I wanted it to be up to date and flawless. So, I have selfies from every stage of my photographing history. What's wildly fascinating to me is that at one point in time I was extremely proud of having produced each and every one of these pictures.
This story begins when I was 14 years old...


I had a point and shoot that had a posterize function. At this point I had no idea what editing software was or what it could do.
Then I discovered Picnik. It was an editing website that was mostly free to use.


This picture shows how much I used and abused the tool I fondly refer to as the Whirly Tool. It just moves pixels in a whirlpool style pattern, and here it allowed me to make my hair about 2 times bulkier than is naturally believable.

Next, I ventured into the editing tool that is Portrait Professional. This was a cheap software that I acquired that gave me the ability to alter facial features. I began tweaking little things about my face that I didn't like. The tip of my nose, my jaw line, my eye color all got tweaks.  


I also discovered that women are most attractive when shot from above. Since I couldn't put the camera on top of the house I started to take a lot of pictures laying down.
The next two images were taken during the most important time of my life. These are images from my Intro to Digital Photography class. It introduced me to........PHOTOSHOP!!!


These images were from my final project where my theme was "My Minions".

The next year or so I was experimenting with a combination of Portrait Professional, Picnik, and Photoshop Elements to make images that I loved.
Every selfie that you see was taken either on my property or a property directly next to mine. I strived to find variety in my limited spaces.

Like my neighbors fence...


Or the guest room during the remodel...


Still in the guest room. The above image was in the closet. I began using photography to express my undying love for coffee. God bless it.
Then I began trying to take pictures of my dogs. No cigar.


Elle isn't fond of modeling. I still wasn't fond of natural hair. I became a little obsessed with burning/dodging everything that I could.


I did some research during my years about ideal beauty. Unnaturally large pupils anyone? ;)


Next, we have a picture I took with my IPHONE 4 and edited with INSTAGRAM. I love this image because it screams "HA!!!!" to anyone who says you need (and only need) fancy equipment or software  to make a good photo. No indeed. You must understand light, composition, and how to find a decent lipstick ;).


And finally, my last two were taken within two days of each other and show that anyone can look way cooler in a picture than they are in real life. Neither of these personas are really any sort of indicator of what I am like, but it's fun to see what I can make myself through my art.