The Bathroom Light at Sofitel


I had the most exciting trip to Chicago this last month. My dad was receiving an award for being the most awesome community college professor in Illinois, and we stayed at the amazing Sofitel.
What made this hotel amazing? A lot. I will soon forget the little amenities. I will not, however, forget the lust in my heart for the bathroom mirror.
I do not generally work with artificial lighting aside from an on camera flash at weddings. I do know about lighting. I just choose to not be bothered by it.
I believe my tune will change.
The effectiveness of the light situated on the rim of the mirror was amazing. Every time I stepped into the bathroom I kicked myself for not bringing my photography equipment. It was basically like a square model light, and all I want to do now is find where I can buy it.
I took this picture on my iPhone. I processed it with instagram for crying out loud. Still it is my favorite picture of myself, and I give all the credit to that bathroom lighting.