A couple couples

This weekend I had scheduled my roommate's, Hannah,  engagement pictures. I ended up having some spare time the day before and took out my other roommate/sister, Lane, and her boyfriend and did pictures with them, also.

First off we have Hannah and Ryan: 


In the first, set we were in our (mine, Hannah, and Lane's) apartment by our fireplace that we got to light for the first night this year! I actually took those pictures during the day time, but with some lighting trickery and lots of adjusting in Lightroom I managed to make it look more moody.

The third set is my favorite, though. Hannah took us to this ridiculous tree in Champaign (or maybe Urbana, who ever really knows) . I just had them pose together around this ridiculous tree, and I love how those turned out :)


With Lane and Marcus we just wandered around about a 10 foot space in Urbana with all these pretty colors and fences.